June 4-6, 2019
Murfreesboro, TN

  1. Roll Call
  2. Approved minutes of last meeting
  3. Voted to give the state office permission to conduct the Regional and State Volleyball Tournament draws.
  1. Approved the Financial Report of the 2019 Basketball Tournament Series
  2. Approved the Financial Report of the 2019 Wrestling Tournament Series
  3. Approved the report of the 2019 Athletic Directors Conference
  4. Approved the report of the 2019 Cheer Coaches Conference
  5. Approved the Sportsmanship Review of the 2018-2019 School Year
    The Board approved to allot $27,000 to be awarded to the athletic department of each school that is named the winner of the A.F. Bridges Award ($1,000 each for 27 schools).
  6. Approved the Division II Need-Based Financial Aid Final Report
  7. Heard an update regarding the Administrators’ meetings schedule.  These meetings will be held the last two weeks in September.
  8. Approved the Division I and Division II 2019 State Basketball Tournament Allotments
  9. Heard an update regarding the partnership with the NFHS Network
  10. Heard an update regarding the TSSAA Sports Medicine Advisory Committee Update
  11. Voted to discontinue printing the TSSAA Directory.  TACA will be allowed to print one card that will be good at TSSAA championship events all year with picture ID required and one person allowed free admittance.  TACA will pay for the wrestling and Division II basketball hospitality rooms.  The remaining funds will go towards Coaches Education and the InsideOut Initiative.
  12. Heard the TMSAA Championship Events Report.  The TMSAA held state championships in Cross Country, Basketball, and Track and Field during the 2018-19 school year.
  13. Voted to change the Girls’ Soccer/Soccer Post-Season Overtime Procedure.  The Board voted to remove the two five-minute sudden victory periods.  The post-season tie-breaker procedure will now be the following:
    “Teams play two, full 10-minute overtime periods.  These periods are not sudden victory.  If, at the conclusion of the two full 10-minute overtime periods, a tie still exists, the tie shall be broken by the penalty kick procedure in the NFHS Soccer Rules Book”
  14. Heard an update about a pool that was sent to Girls’ Soccer/Soccer State Tournament Coaches regarding the potential of seeding the state tournament.
  15. Voted to approve a fee increase for the NFHS Coaches Education Course.  The cost to complete the Coaches Education Program by non-faculty and classified employee coaches was $250.00 for 17 years.  The price was reduced to $130.00 when the courses sent online in 2013.  Due to the rising cost of insurance for coaches, the fee will increase to $150.00 this upcoming school year.
  16. Voted to extend the contract with Wilson Sports through the 2024-25 school year.
  17. Voted to remove the second year (2019-20 school year) of restrictive probation placed on the John Overton High School football program due to the incident that occurred between John Overton High School and Antioch High School during their football contest on October 26, 2018.
  18. Approved Wayne Co. High School’s request for an exception to the Cooperative Program Rule in Soccer and Girls’ Soccer to Co-op with Frank Hughes.  Wayne Co. and Collinwood have an existing cooperative agreement in Soccer.
  19. Approved Berean Christian School’s request to continue their Co-op with Gibbs High School to allow two student athletes the opportunity to finish out their high school careers on the current softball and baseball teams.
  20. Denied Concord Christian School’s request for an exception to the Cooperative Program Rule to allow them to Co-op with another school in football, even though they have had a football team within the last five years.
  21. Approved the proposed DII AA Brackets for the next four years for all sports except football.  Football has agreed to a 2 Region set up with MBA and JPII going to the West for the first two years.  The top four teams from each Region will move to the playoffs with #1E hosting #4W, #2E hosting #3W, #1W hosting #4E, and #2W hosting #3E.
  22. Denied Briarcrest Christian School’s request to waive the All-Star Game Rule for a student in Soccer.
  23. Heard Technology Update

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